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The 52 Best Quotes About Imperfection

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…because it’s the cracks, marks, stains, and scars that really hold all the stories.

There is a kind of beauty in imperfection. Conrad Hall

Your flaws are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you. Unknown

You were born to be real, not to be perfect. Unknown

Embrace The Imperfect

All of us are imperfect human beings living in an imperfect world. Haruki Murakami

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful. Alice Walker

It’s our emotions and imperfections that makes us human. Clyde Dsouza

Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius. It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. Marilyn Monroe

Perhaps it is our imperfections that make us so perfect for one another. Jane Austen

We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect. Emilio Estevez

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. Gerard Way

Life Isn't Perfect But

People call these things imperfections, but they’re not — aw that’s the good stuff. And then we get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds. You’re not perfect, sport. And let me save you the suspense. This girl you met, she isn’t perfect either. But the question is: whether or not you’re perfect for each other. Good Will Hunting

We’re all imperfect, and life is simply a perpetual, unending struggle against those imperfections. Sidney Poitier

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. Anna Quindlen

Let someone love you just the way you are – as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. To believe that you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room. Marc Hack

You don’t love someone because they’re perfect. You love them in spite of the fact that they’re not. Jodi Picoult

There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty. Steve Maraboli

Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical, person that you are. Mandy Hale

There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections. Unknown

I am full of mistakes and imperfections and therefore I am real. Shaun Hick

Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself; you’re not broken. You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure. Steve Maraboli

Perfection is the willingness to be imperfect. Lao Tzu

Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly. Robert H. Schuller

Imperfection Is Individuality

I cling to my imperfection, as the very essence of my being. Anatole France

Imperfection is, in some sort, essential to all that we know in life. John Ruskin

Usefulness is not impaired by imperfection. You can still drink from a chipped cup. Greta K. Nagel

But life isn’t something that should be edited. Life shouldn’t be cut. The only way you’ll ever discover what it truly means to be alive and human is by sharing the full experience of what it means to be human and each blemish and freckle that comes with it. Iain Thomas

Primary purposes of a mirror: (1) To help civilized men realize their imperfections, and, (2) To help the imperfect hide their imperfections. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

To accomplish the perfect perfection, a little imperfection helps. Dejan Stojanovic

Perfectionism is a dangerous state of mind in an imperfect world. Robert Silliman Hillyer

Imperfection is a form of freedom. Anh Ngo

That's How The Light Gets In

There is always a ‘but’ in this imperfect world. Anne Bronte

Don’t be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect. It is this fragile thread that binds us together. Unknown

It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the more gentle and quiet we become towards the defects of others. Joseph Addison

The day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent; the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult; the day he forgives himself, he becomes wise. Alden Nowlan

I know why familles were created, with all their imperfections. They humanize you. They are made to make you forget yourself occasionally, so that the beautiful balance of life is not destroyed. Anaïs Nin

Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together. Brené Brown

Nobody's Perfect

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly. Sam Keen

The world is not imperfect or slowly evolving along a path to perfection. No, it is perfect at every moment, every sin already carries grace in it. Hermann Hesse

To love another another human in all of her splendor and imperfect perfection, it is a magnificent task… tremendous and foolish and human. Louise Erdrich

As machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man. Ernst Fischer

A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections. Chinese Proverb

The greatest part of being imperfect, is being perfect at it. Unknown

You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful. Amy Bloom

The word ‘Imperfect’ actually spells ‘I’m perfect’ because everyone is perfect in their own imperfect ways. Unknown

You look at the scratch and completely miss the diamond. Raphie Frank

A beautiful thing is never perfect. Unknown

Nothing is perfect, nothing lasts, and nothing is finished. Richard Powell

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