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The 53 Best Quotes About Family

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Family. Is there anything more important in this world?

This is our collection of the best family quotes, from the joys of motherhood, to the chaos of family reunions.

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I sustain myself with the love of family.Maya Angelou

Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.Brad Henry

A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.Buddha

We must take care of our families wherever we find them.Elizabeth Gilbert

The family – that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.Dodie Smith

When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family. Jim Butcher

Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short.Unknown

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.George Bernard Shaw

Heirlooms we don’t have in our family. But stories we’ve got. Rose Cherin

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.Desmond Tutu

Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.Michael J. Fox

I think the family is the place where the most ridiculous and least respectable things in the world go on.Ugo Betti

Families are messy. Immortal families are eternally messy. Sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we’re related for better or for worse…and try to keep the maiming and killing to a minimum.Rick Riordan

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.David Ogden Stiers

What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.Mother Theresa

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.George Bernard Shaw

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.George Santayana

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.Charles R. Swindoll

I find the family the most mysterious and fascinating institution of the world.Amos Oz

It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it.Peter Buffett

At the end of the day, a loving family should find everything forgivable.Mark V. Olsen

Home is where you are loved the most and act the worst.Marjorie Pay Hinckley

In the end, family is all we have, my dear. You’ll do well to remember that.Katie Jennings

That’s what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you’re not so lovable.Deb Caletti

The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other.Mario Puzo

The greatest thing a father can do for his children, is to love their mother.Anjaneth Garcia Untalan

Everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each other.Stephen Chbosky

All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.Leo Tolstoy

Family is the most important thing in the world.Princess Diana

Family is what works.Ian McDonalds

There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.Jerry Seinfeld

The way you help heal the world is you start with your own family.Mother Theresa

No man has ever lived that had enough of children’s gratitude or woman’s love.William Butler Yeats

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.Angela Schwindt

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.George Moore

My wife, my family, my friends – they’ve all taught me things about love and what that emotion really means. In a nutshell, loving someone is about giving, not receiving.Nicholas Sparks

Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey.Jack Layton

Sticking with your family is what makes it a family.Mitch Albom

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.Abraham Lincoln

Many men can make a fortune but very few can build a family.J.S. Bryan

The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.Confucius

Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home.Bill Cosby

Family quarrels are bitter things. They don’t go according to any rules. They’re not like aches or wounds, they’re more like splits in the skin that won’t heal because there’s not enough material.F. Scott Fitzgerald

I know why families were created with all their imperfections. They humanize you. They are made to make you forget yourself occasionally, so that the beautiful balance of life is not destroyed.Anais Nin

Family isn’t something that’s supposed to be static, or set. People marry in, divorce out. They’re born, they die. It’s always evolving, turning into something else.Sarah Dessen

Always kiss your children goodnight – even if they’re already asleep.H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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