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The 52 Best Patti Smith Quotes

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Patti Smith is one of the most interesting artists of the 20th century. As a musician, poet, and author, she knows how to craft a good quote.

Here are some of our favorites.

I’m here right now and I want now to be the greatest time. Patti Smith

Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire. Patti Smith

Life Is The Best Thing

I think I’m constantly in a state of adjustment. Patti Smith

We go through life. We shed our skins. We become ourselves. Patti Smith, We Can Be Heroes

Because the night belongs to lovers
Because the night belongs to us. Patti Smith, Because The Night

Life is an adventure of our own design intersected by fate and a series of lucky and unlucky accidents. Patti Smith, Dream of Life

I don’t fuck much with the past but I fuck plenty with the future. Patti Smith

Love is an angel disguised as lust. Patti Smith, Because The Night

The Heart of Youth

To be an artist — actually, to be a human being in these times — it’s all difficult. … What matters is to know what you want and pursue it. Patti Smith

What I feel is not in the human vocabulary. Patti Smith, Rolling Stone

Where does it all lead? What will become of us? These were our young questions, and young answers were revealed. It leads to each other. We become ourselves. Patti Smith, Just Kids

In our pursuits, though still, we venture forth
Hoping to grasp a handful of cloud and return
Unscathed, cloud in hand. Patti Smith, The Coral Sea

Sometimes I just wanted to raise my hands and stop. But stop what? Maybe just growing up. Patti Smith, Just Kids

Life is like a roller coaster. It’s never going to be perfect — it is going to have perfect moments, and then rough spots, but it’s all worth it. Patti Smith

All I’ve ever wanted, since I was a child, was to do something wonderful. Patti Smith

A Time Everybody Creates

If only each generation would realize that the time for greatness is right now when they’re alive…the time to flower is now. Patti Smith

Fate is like a secret friend that helps push you on into life. Patti Smith

The idea of redemption is always good news, even if it means sacrifice or some difficult times. Patti Smith

I had no proof that I had the stuff to be an artist, though I hungered to be one. Patti Smith, Just Kids

The two things that constantly inspired me were books and travel. Patti Smith

For I desired, as Youth does, to be taken by the hand and hurled into the world. Patti Smith, We Can Be Heroes

Freedom is…the right to write the wrong words. Patti Smith

Why can’t I write something that would awake the dead? That pursuit is what burns most deeply. Patti Smith

And if we should desire to believe in something, it should be a beacon within. This beacon being the sun, sea, and sky, our children, our work, our companions and, most simply put, the embodiment of love. Patti Smith, Just Kids

Blessedness is within us all. Patti Smith, The Coral Sea

Make your interactions with people transformational, not just transactional. Patti Smith

Please, no matter how we advance technologically, please don’t abandon the book. There is nothing in our material world more beautiful than the book. Patti Smith

In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth. For nothing is more precious than the life force and may the love of that force guide you as you go. Patti Smith

Artist Wounds Patti Smith

In my low periods, I wondered what was the point of creating art. … Are we animating God? Are we talking to ourselves? And what was the ultimate goal? To have one’s work caged in art’s great zoos–the Modern, the Met, the Louvre? Patti Smith, Just Kids

The things I thought would happen didn’t. Things I never anticipated unfolded. Patti Smith, Just Kids

I have vague memories, like impressions on glass plates… Patti Smith, Just Kids

In the period where I had to live the life of a citizen – a life where, like everybody else, I did tons of laundry and cleaned toilet bowls, changed hundreds of diapers and nursed children – I learned a lot. Patti Smith

Everything distracted me, but most of all myself. Patti Smith, Just Kids

I longed to read everything I possibly could, and the things I read in turn produced new yearnings. Patti Smith

An artist may have burdens the ordinary citizen doesn’t know, but the ordinary citizen has burdens that many artists never even touch. Patti Smith

He contained, even at an early age, a stirring and the desire to stir. Patti Smith, Just Kids

Patti Smith Get Insane

A writer, or any artist, can’t expect to be embraced by the people [but] you just keep doing your work — because you have to, because it’s your calling.

Everybody’s got to reclaim these things- poetry, rock ‘n’ roll, political activism- and it’s got to be done over and over again. It’s like eating: you can’t say, ‘Oh, I ate yesterday’. You have to eat again. Patti Smith, Rollling Stone

Ultimately, we are not seeking others to bow to, but to reinforce our individual natures, to help us suffer our own choices, to guide us on our own particular journeys. Patti Smith, We Can Be Heroes

Build a good name. Keep your name clean. Don’t make compromises, don’t worry about making a bunch of money or being successful — be concerned with doing good work and make the right choices and protect your work. And if you build a good name, eventually, that name will be its own currency.

Those who have suffered understand suffering and therefore extend their hand. Patti Smith

I understood that in this small space of time we had mutually surrendered our loneliness and replaced it with trust. Patti Smith, Just Kids

If you over-plan, you close the door on possibilities. Patti Smith

I don’t think,’ he insisted. ‘I feel.’ Patti Smith, Just Kids

As far as I’m concerned, being any gender is a drag. Patti Smith

Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine. Patti Smith, Gloria

We were just kids. Patti Smith, Just Kids

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