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The 45 Best Quotes About Vacation

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Is there a sweeter word in the English dictionary than vacation? (The answer is no. Absolutely not.)

Whether you’re just California dreamin’ or you’re already sipping a piña colada on a beach somewhere, this list of quotables will help you find something great to say about it.

Vacation Quotes

When all else fails, take a vacation. Betty Williams

Take vacations. As many as you can. You can always make money. You can’t always make memories. Unknown

Find what brings you joy and go there. Jan Phillips

To get away from one’s working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one’s self; and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change. Charles Horton Cooley

Life Is A Trip

Vacations mean a change of pace, a gentleness with ourselves, a time of rest and renewal, and a time to stretch ourselves and encounter new people, new lands, new ways, and new options. Anne Wilson Schaef

Few vacations are as gratifying as those devoted to personal growth. Pat Koch Thaler

It is not a trip or a vacation. It is a second life. Unknown

Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective. Doe Zantamata

…vicinity to the sea is desirable, because it is easier to do nothing by the sea than anywhere else, and because bathing and basking on the shore cannot be considered an employment but only an apotheosis of loafing. E.F. Benson

Every man who possibly can should force himself to a holiday of a full month in a year, whether he feels like taking it or not. William James

Destination: Vacation. Unknown

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. Elbert Hubbard

If you come home as happy as you leave, you have had a good vacation. Unknown

Vacation: A period of travel and relaxation when you take twice the clothes and half the money you need. Unknown

Life is like a vacation. It goes way too fast and you wish you had taken more pictures. Unknown

A vacation is a sunburn at premium prices. Hal Chadwicke

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. Earl Wilson

Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future. Jobs, family, employers, and friends can exist one day without any one of us, and if our egos permit us to confess, they could exist eternally in our absence. Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us. Maya Angelou

Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today’s world it has become a necessity. Unknown

Vacation Punishment

I need a six month vacation, twice a year. Unknown

To reach the goals of your life, you need discipline, you need luck and you need something as important as these two: Vacations! Mehmet Murat ildan

Vacations brighten a man. They tend to make his work more attractive to him and to make him more attractive to his work. Harry Van Demark

A vacation should be just long enough that your boss misses you, and not long enough for him to discover how well he can get along without you. Jacob Morton Braude

The best thing about a vacation is planning it. Andrew A. Rooney

A vacation is like love — anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia. Evan Esar

This is no longer a vacation. It’s a quest. It’s a quest for fun. Clark Griswold, Vacation

I’m a big believer in winging it. I’m a big believer that you’re never going to find perfect city travel experience or the perfect meal without a constant willingness to experience a bad one. Letting the happy accident happen is what a lot of vacation itineraries miss, I think, and I’m always trying to push people to allow those things to happen rather than stick to some rigid itinerary. Anthony Bourdain

Travel For Life Not To Escape

Vacations are your best chance in the year to get in some real living, to get out of the job-as-life box, off automatic pilot, and rediscover your passions, enthusiasms, friends, family, and the vitality of partaking in the world outside career brainlock. Social scientists have found that leisure experiences increase positive mood, act as a buffer against life’s setbacks, and open the door to the best times of our lives. John De Graaf

Those that say you can’t take it with you never saw a car packed for a vacation trip. Unknown

Vacation, I go there in my mind. Especially when I’m at work, getting paid for it. Jarod Kintz

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. Robert Orben

Time well spent results in more money to spend, more money to save, and more time to vacation. Zig Ziglar

Hello Vacation

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from. Seth Godin

I love being on vacation and never knowing what day of the week it is. Unknown

After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting yourself, as to see all the other fellows busy working. Kenneth Grahame

There is probably no more obnoxious class of citizen, taken end for end, than the returning vacationist. Robert Benchley

For travel to be delightful, one must have a good place to leave and return to. Frederick B. Wilcox

I love my job only when I’m on vacation. Unknown

Really. Is there anything nice to be said about other people’s vacations? Amor Towles

I can’t afford a vacation, so I am just going to drink until I don’t know where I am. Unknown

Keep calm and pack your suitcase. Unknown

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